We came first to our Enumclaw farm and now to the Coeur d'Alene river valley with the hope of sustaining our family on our land. We came with the dream of raising strong and healthy children who will know how to work with their hands and care for themselves, the land, and their community through farming.

We farm with the intention of carefully stewarding the land we own. We are working to increase the productivity and nutrient value of the pasture lands that our cattle graze.

We want, through the abundance and generosity that is at the heart of farming, to provide our community the opportunity to obtain the highest quality dairy products, grass-fed beef and pastured pork from our family farm.

Our desire to share our life on the farm with others comes from our belief and experience that a life rooted in the land is healthy and healing for body and soul, for the individual, the family and the community, for the land itself. We receive all that we need to sustain our bodies from the land and from nowhere else. We owe it to future generations to steward the land well.