Why We Are Here

We began farming with the hope that it would provide many benefits to our family. This idea has become a reality in so many ways that we could never have foreseen.

Farming brings us closer to the "givenness" of the world. Everything we do, make, produce, or accomplish on our farm only comes about by making use of many things that we have received as a gift. Our land and its fertility is a gift, both from nature and from the stewardship of previous owners. The animals we have are gifts as they owe their existence and their unique qualities and uses on the farm to nature and to domestication so ancient that we have no records. Everything that the weather contributes to our farm is nothing we can control or buy. It is a free gift of God to us each day.

Farming brings us closer to the rhythm of the seasons. We have a new appreciation of the shifts in the weather and the seasons that we experience daily (and sometimes hourly!) on the farm. Doing chores in the warm summer is a lot easier that doing them in the cold wet rain, or trudging through snow, as you might expect!

Farming brings us closer to beauty. We often take pictures of the simplest things, because we are struck by their beauty. Farming forces you to slow down and notice the natural world around you.

Farming also brings us closer to each other. The work on a family farm is endlessly varied and often overwhelming. (Ted says it is like catching a tiger by the tail!) Everyone is needed on the farm and everyone's work intertwines with everyone else's. We don't need to say "How was your day?" as the day draws to a close because our time is spent together and we know those intimate details in a way that we never could in the past.

We are pleased by how many people visit our farm. We hope that our work and life here will inspire others to consider farming, even if only in small ways. Supporting family farms is a great thing, and doing some farming yourself is even better!